Health and Safety

Listed below are some safeguards that should be adhered to when turning wood it is by no means a definitive list and further information can be obtained by reading our club  health and safety policy document available to club members


Dust from various woods can cause a variety of health issues from a simple running nose to much worse prolonged problems.

Weston Woodturning Circle always advocate wearing the best quality respiratory protection you can possibly afford along with the combined use of dust extractors and filters.

Always use a dust extractor when sanding and a dust mask and face shield at all times when turning.


When turning it is important to ensure that there is no loose clothing that can get caught in the machinery.

Entanglement is a serious risk, eliminate ring wearing, jewellery and name tags on lanyards and restrain long hair(lucky you).


Whilst a lathe is a very simple machine, it does consist of moving parts and is usually powered by electricity.  Please take care and respect both aspects of this.

Turn at a safe speed which is correct for the item being turned.

Never turn the lathe on without first rotating the piece by hand to check for clearance.

Always stop the lathe before moving the tool rest.

If you hear an unfamiliar noise stop the lathe and check for the cause.

Solvents and oils

A lot of products used when gluing and finishing our projects contain solvents.  Woodturning is often carried out in a confined space so it is important to wear the correct respiratory equipment and have adequate ventilation within the workshop.

Be careful when throwing oil soaked rags away as they can spontaneously combust – dispose of them properly.

Invariably these products are a serious fire hazard and storage should be in a fire safe container

Emergency alarm

If turning alone, develop an emergency contact plan and have an easy accessible means of getting assistance if things go wrong. Small personal alarms are inexpensive, portable and very loud.

Fire extinguisher

Ease of access to this important piece of safety equipment is essential and it should be regularly inspected in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Workshop inspection procedure

Regularly inspect and maintain machinery  including dust extractors, lathes tools all personal protective equipment such as respirators all of which  should be maintained as per the manufacturers recommendations.

 Heath and Safety Documents

The following document relates to all aspects of Health and Safety whilst at a Club Meeting or performing any acts under the umbrella of Weston Woodturning Circle.