Richard Jefferes

Richard Jefferes gave a demonstration and talk on 20th March 2014.  With a background in teaching, engineering and woodworking this was bound to be a demonstration with a difference and it certainly was.  We would like to thank Richard for a pleasant informative evening.

rj1 Richard started with a brief on Lathe setup which was very informative, describing how a new (or existing if like me you haven’t already) lathe should be prepared including the bed by honing it with wet and dry,  and headstock positioning with the use of a laser.  He also touched on setting up the tool rest and maintenance by oiling the bed with WD40 after every use
rj4 Prior to starting the demonstration Richard also gave a description of some of the tools he uses and how they should be utilised.  The main tools here were the roughing gouge, skew chisel, tool for making a tennon and the spindle gouge.
rj2 The demonstration, Richards signature piece is the tall goblet with a very thin stem.  He explained the make up of a piece of raw timber using the piece of green apple wood the was about to turn and how decisions of how to turn it including which way around it would be were made
rj3 Giving an extremely informative demonstration by explaining every cut that was made using the different tools Richard ensured that everything was understood how and why he was doing what and when.

Endless tips and tricks were supplied during the evening including the use of a practice golf ball and using your finger to support the delicate work.


Finally a lovely long stemmed goblet was made and presented to the latest lady to join the club.

As well as demonstrating, Richard also offers other services including lathe servicing and bearing changes as well as giving lessons.  For further information, check his website