Colwyn Way



On September 18th the club was delighted to have Colwyn Way as its demonstrator.

Right from the outset of the evening, despite having seen him before Colwyn had the club in awe of  his skill in turning and ability to explain every aspect of what he did.




Starting out with a chair back spindle Colwyn described how he sharpens his tools and how they should be used, the terms  ‘Bevel Rubbing’  and ’10 o clock or 2 o clock’ will now always be in my mind whenever turning.




Showing what tools and why he uses them was very helpful to most if not all the members and with many joiners who haven’t done much turning yet some of the magic was transferred to their growing knowledge base.




After the chair back spindle a chair leg was turned and then a bud vase from a lovely piece of walnut.




Colwyn finished the vase with Cellulose sanding sealer and wax polish (no photo) creating a lovely piece of art.




When the turning was finished, Colwyn asked for someone to hold the dust extractor and the Vice Chairman, John Smith just couldn’t resist getting involved.  Whilst not the most glamorous of assistants he did manage to do a good job.


Finally a very thin bowl was turned and Colwyns home made jaws used.




All aspects of turning were discussed and Colwyn answered questions fully and thoroughly describing angles, holding the tools and pressures to be applied.




A great evening was had be all and on behalf of the club I would like to thank Colwyn Way for an informative and entertaining evening.