Show Table and Awards


To encourage club members to bring their work for display, presentation and feedback at club meetings, as a means of developing their own capabilities and inspiring other members.

To enable the club to show recognition for member’s achievements.

The Strategy

Award members with visible proof of their continuing contribution to club activities and member development programmes.

The scheme will recognise the wide range of experience within the club ( from beginners to advanced level) by embracing an “everyone a winner policy” : no qualitative¬† assessment will be made as to the acceptability of particular pieces .

The Plan

Members will be awarded points for bringing in work for display/discussion at club meetings;

Points will be awarded as follows;

Two points will be awarded for each “monthly project” presented

One point will be awarded for each other piece presented (including cock ups)

A member may earn a maximum of three points at each meeting

Points will be accumulated and lapel badges awarded as follows:

12 points will earn the first level badge.

36 points will earn the second level badge.

60 points will earn the third level badge

110 points will earn the fourth level badge

Note please return the lower level badges for re-cycling when outgrown.

Martin Gard will manage the plan and his decisions regarding any questions arising, will be final.